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Who's With Who?

For an author, one of the most complicated things about world-building is keeping track of all the characters who inhabit the world you're creating. Who is related to whom, who is romantically involved with whom, and whenever a new character is added how do they relate to all the other characters that already exists.

If your world is a desert island with the odd person drifting onto the beach from time to time this may not be a big deal, however, within The Legacy Series there are family ties that span generations, characters with multiple partners, characters who are related to other characters through birth and through marriage, and of course, there are new heroes, villains and bit players entering the story all the time, and others being killed-off.

If the author is not careful, he or she could have brothers involved with cousins, Dad's dating long lost daughters and Mother's falling in love with their Uncle. That might be exactly what the plot calls for in some stories - but not The Legacy Series.

In order to keep all the players well organized our OCD writer has created a Genealogical Family Tree for The Legacy Series. It started out fairly simple but as the stories have come together the branches of three have grown and twisted into, what at times looks like a Bonzai Tree on mind altering drugs.

In the coming months you'll be able to pop into the official website for Marianne Maguire and check out an illustrated Family Tree that sets out all of the characters in the series, and their relationship to each other. We hope this will help you enjoy the Legacy Series, and if you find any "uncomfortable" relationships with the family tree, please keep it to yourself . . . . . . . the author may just have done it on purpose.

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