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The Legacy Series

New Release

June 21, 2018


The Legacy Series Book 4


Secrets, lies, and betrayals are in everyone’s past. They write our histories and define our world. Zander Paine knows this more than most thanks to a second chance September Rae’s Mother blessed him with centuries ago.  Zander considers this blessing a curse that left him not quite a supernatural, and not at all who he once was. Alone, he wandered in the shadows spreading the false history of the supernatural- until Queen September is finally born.


After a chance meeting with the Queen, Zander is sent on a mission to Nevada with the High Priestesses to kill a warlock who has been siphoning magical powers.  He’s there to prove himself worthy, but a lost family connect has him reliving his past as he tries to help the beautiful she-wolf, Paige Sky, escape her step-father’s claim. When the Queen’s court comes to his aid to help him rescue Paige, the rest of the supernatural community decides to challenge the Queen and her court for their Kingdom.


Zander is determined to show his loyalty, to right the wrongs of his shattered past, and finally, atone for his sins, but the odds are not in his favor. When the truth about his mysterious past is finally revealed and the battle begins, will the Queen, her court, and the only woman he’s ever loved, turn their back on him or will he win it all and be truly blessed?

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The Legacy Series, BEQUEATH, Book 3 of the Legacy Series


The Legacy Series Book 3


Lilith Dale has spent over three-hundred years wandering alone, in search of the answers to her past, while seeking out her most secret desire…to find true love. 


A witch with great powers and unique gifts, Lilith has challenges fitting in with other supernaturals, especially when the coven’s strict rules have her doubting her every action. It’s not until Lilith finds a place at Queen September’s side in the Underground Otherworld that she finds contentment and new purpose to her life as the court's Spellcaster.


But life in the court is never simple or easy…


Lilith soon finds herself on a Royal mission to stop those responsible for the brutal murders of magical beings. While she accepts the challenge given to her by her Queen, she struggles with visions that show her own death as the outcome.


Will Lilith choose to cross into the fade for the answers she seeks, and for the hearts of the two men she loves, or will she Bequeath her magic and let fate decide her future?


The Legacy Series Book 2


It has been a few months since September Rae became the Queen of all the Supernatural races, in an Underground Otherworld inherited from her mother, and so far, the new life she’s been born into has been incredible. 


It’s not until September goes on a birthday trip to Toronto, Canada that she gets a sense of deja vu when she finds herself in the middle of another conflict that will put her through the ultimate test. 


September’s legacy is about to grow on this journey, there are new powers and new pleasures awaiting this Queen, except none of the ancient prophecies predicted this outcome. She will have to conquer these latest challenges with the support of her allies while also trusting in powerful enemies to overcome the odds.


Thankfully, September has her court by her side, the dominant werewolf Alpha, the sexy hybrid, the Irish vampire, and the human rockstar. Together they will work to make their polyamory relationship flourish while helping her with the battle between her good and evil personas, in order for her to receive the greatest Inheritance of all.

The Legacy Series, INHERITANCE by Marianne Maguires
The Legacy Series, BORN, by Marianne Maguire


The Legacy Series Book 1


September Rae, is the Queen of all the Supernatural races, the problem is, she doesn’t know it yet.


Feeling lost and alone after the recent death of her parents, September, volunteers for something daring, sexy, and definitely outside her comfort level. It turns into one of the most exciting moments of her life and unknowingly triggers a magical curse to lift.


A timid human no more, she is born into a Legacy she didn’t know existed and must now navigate her way through a secret otherworld, morphing from one supernatural race into another as she builds her confidence and learns to control her powers.


September soon learns the stakes are high being the Queen in an Underground Otherworld as it is full of unknown pleasures and unexpected consequences. This new world of powerful allies and deadly enemies will test her abilities beyond anything she could ever imagine. 


Thankfully, she's not alone, and never will be again. Along with her new court of sexy supernatural men, the Warrior, the Playboy, the Gentleman, and the Rock-Star, they will all figure out how to live, love and work together because, for them, it has been a long wait for their Queen to be born.

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