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I loved the debut novel of first-time writer Marianne Maguire. Her paranormal storyline will draw you in from the very beginning. The heroine, September, is a strong woman who deals with tough situations with wit and a badass attitude. I fell in love with Ms. Maquire's hero's, Sabre and Gage instantly! No nonsense men who will do anything, give up anything and fight anything for their beloved Queen and mate. This story is beautifully written and the love scenes are hot! If you are looking for a great read to pass the time on a hot, sultry summer day, Born (The Legacy Series), is one to add to your library. Enjoy!




I'm not usually into supernatural novels but I really liked this one. I liked that it started with a bang (nice juicy sex scene) to draw you in. Marianne didn't let things get dull which is wonderful, I love a book that makes me want to keep reading. Hope the sex scenes are juicy in the next book, and yes if you can't handle that it might not be a book for you. I loved it.




I really got into this book Marianne Maguire did some amazing twist and turns to throw you for a loop! It was hot and steamy but still great story! I really can't believe how September comes out her box and thrown into a world so crazy!  She is a champ, it's like a light went off in her head saying "dang it all, why me" to one badass woman! Can't wait for the next book!!




This was a fantastic read, right from the start. Marianne has managed to make me laugh, cry and want to throw a few punches myself,  while reading Born! The sex scenes are hot and make me want to jump into the mix! Ha!   Oh Crap! has to be one of my favorite phrases from September. I am loving the characters and am looking forward to getting to know them better in the future. I love the fact that The Legacy series involves so many different paranormal genres, you can only read so much about vampires alone...I will bow to the Queen and follow where she leads!




I thought I've read every sub genre of paranormal romance, but this book proves that I was mistaken. A unique take on the genre mixing vampire, wolf shifter, demon mixed with suspense, laughter and lots of hot, sexy scenes. Love September, her down to earth attitude and quirky comebacks that had me burst out laughing. She gets the surprise of her life when she finds out her legacy, but with the help of her court comprised of sexy hunks, Sabre, Gage, Magennis and Chris she comes out on top and out of her shell. A great debut novel to a series that shows we'll have more entertainment coming our way.




I don't usually read this type of book but a lady friend recommended it (dared me to read it lol). Lots of action and some pretty crazy sex scenes right from the get go. Didn't expect to read the whole thing but by the end of chapter two I was hooked. Loved the main character September, she's sexy and innocent but ready to bust out of her shell. Lots of tension throughout and I kept saying "one more chapter" - ended up reading the whole book in two sittings. Now I understand why women eat this stuff up - an easy read with love and romance for the ladies with more than enough sex and violence to keep the guys interested. Nice work Ms Maguire - The cover says Vol 1, please hurry up a finish Vol 2 can't wait to see what happens !!




There's a lot going on and a lot of sex so if you can't handle it then this book is definitely not for you. I loved September, she's a strong female character and with everything that was going on she needed to be. It's funny and sexy. The men are true alpha males and hot but know their place. Each one important for each paranormal group which in this case is only four. I'm not gonna go into it because the book will explain it. It funny, sexy, a lot drama, there's blood shed, and of course wondering what might happen next.  In the end I thought I would of gotten a little bored after a while but there was always some element of suspense and surprise waiting to happen. It's been awhile since a paranormal book came alive for me. I congratulate Ms. Marianne Maguire on a great debut novel. Anticipating the next one.




This book was really good. I loved the plot, world and men...not necessarily in that order. Having a strong female character was a big plus for me, as well as gorgeous kick ass alphas (I'm beyond jealous ;) September). I highly recommend this book to all paranormal erotic fans out there and will be waiting with impatience for the next book. Please hurry Ms Maguire.




I was pulled in once again into the world of September Rae and her court of four swoon worthy men. Of them all my fav is Sabre the most romantic of the group. This book held some surprises I sure wasn't expecting . Hope this isn't the last of this series please keep them coming.





Continuing the story from the first book, "Born", Ms. Maguire takes us deeper in the intricate world surrounding September. Quite a few twists in the story and new revelations about her men who are her consorts, funny moments, romance, hot love scenes, intrigue and intense battle scene makes this a great read. I can't wait for more!!!


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