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Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the head of a Paranormal Erotic Romance author?  How do they come up with the plot, the characters, the locations, the dialogue and . . . all of  those
Tune into GTFO Radio on Thursday April 6th 2017
at Marianne will be a guest on 9:00PM (ET) for an up-close-and personal interview with Author Marianne Maguire on Toronto's GTFO Radio.
 Ms. Stacey’s Naked Secret.  This is an adult's-only internet radio station and there are no limits to the questions that can be asked - or the answers that may be given.  Marianne is known for her straight forward, no B.S. style - and for chiming in with outrageous comments that have been known to make mere mortals blush.  Who knows what could happen in a one-hour live interview!
Click picture for GTFO Radio

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